About Us

  • New, state-of-the-art facility operational since Spring 2006
  • Expert faculty; experienced technologists/staff
  • Research nurse on-site; physiological monitoring
  • GE PETtrace cyclotron, targetry for producing C-11, F-18, N-13, 0-15
  • HRRT high-resolution scanner for brain imaging (one of 18 in the world)
  • CTI HR+ whole body scanner
  • Focus-220 small animal scanner
  • mCT whole bodt PET/CT scanner (summer '11)
  • State-of-the-art motion correction
  • Radiochemistry laboratory with modules to produce a wide variety of radiotracers
  • Chemistry SOPs – high quality standards for safety, production, use
  • cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices compliant)
  • High specific activity and support for studies
  • Fully equipped laboratory for blood and metabolite analyses
  • Image analysis laboratory and image analysis software applications
  • Rapid turn around of data (automatic)
  • Collaborative opportunities (close proximity to other Yale School of Medicine

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